SO…….about me

I promise….this is the first and last time i’ll put you through this…….

But it’s my first blog and i thought you should know a little about me, how i got started, blah blah blah.

I was born into a household where music wasn’t really prevalent. My dad was stuck in the talk radio world and my mom was an oldies/beatles lover.  Every once in a while my dad would treat me to some classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Iron Butterfly, Janis Joplin…….you get the point.  Anything rap or hip hop was strictly forbidden in my household. I was in 5th grade when i got my first Beastie Boys cassette tape (yeah thats right). I got it at an air show parking lot. I snuck that shit into my house, headed straight for the bathroom with my lil’ boom box, plugged in my headphones, sat on the toilet, and listened. I loved that shit. The coolest kid on the playground had Paul Revere memorized……From that  came Run DMC, and Eazy-Duz-It soon followed……

I had a lot of school changes as a kid and I was always trying to fit in. I adopted the whole Metal thing for a while.  My introduction to this was Appetite For Destruction, the And Justice for All, Season’s in the Abyss, Lucifuge, Dead Embryonic Cells etc….. I had a few bands in highschool playing speed metal and Slow Core but we were all too fucked up to do anything with it.  Somehow in the midst of all that thrash shit i was introduced to funk music. I liked the change and the “lightness” of all that stuff. I was listening to all of the obvious shit, Parliament, AWB, The Gap Band, Roy Ayers, Isaac Hayes, Kool and the Gang….. College came and I was introduced to Drum and Bass music; the old school raga style shit. I loved it. Shortly after I was introduced to House music. I failed out of college and moved to Venice Beach.  I started getting into the club scene and rave scene.  I felt at the time like I had finally found people and sounds I could relate to.  I started going to these afterhours parties at this kids loft in Downtown LA and he had turntables set up. Every night he would play for us and every mix he would wreck.  I asked him if i could try figuring that i couldn’t be worse than him. He showed me what the pitch control does, the crossfader and the volume faders and let me go.  That night i matched my first beat……it was one of those things that just came to me.  Do to circumstances of life (hahahahha), I found myself living in my friend’s garage for a while.  The good part is he had turntables and a shit load of records. I spent months just practicing hardly sleeping obsessed with mixing……that was the beginning

I was a vinyl dj only from 97′ til 2005.  FUCK CDJ’s and IPODS!!!!! In 2005 I was introduced to Serato and that changed my life.  It broadened my library, furthered my mixing skills and creativity. In addition, it has allowed me the opportunity to travel the world playing music without all the heavy lifting.

I am grateful for the career that I have been able to create and the for the people who have helped me get to where I am today…….

Ok……..thats enough backround.

I hope you enjoy the music and mixes I post here in the future!



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