Today I met with veteran Los Angeles Club Manager Rusty Marrone. At this point in time he is managing Coco Deville on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles.  It’s one of the strangest venues I’ve ever played…..They call it an “uber lounge”…. Basically what they’re saying is “we don’t give a fuck this venue is the size of a closet, play it like u were playing a Vegas megaclub”. It took me a while to get it but……yeah I got it. I’m playing there tomorrow night for some “woman’s event” and I was also for choice for their New Year’s Eve party sponsored by Red Bull.  Should be interesting. I usually play @ the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for New Years for Wolfgang Puck’s Cut restaurant, but that place is like a convalescent home. Nothing like watching old people get down to Lil’ Wayne.  So i’m stoked this year should be fun.

On a music front….. Check out the Hype Machine! There’s plenty of goods to download today.  I’ve been most inspired by Dubstep Remixer Rusko.  The track “Bring it On” by Leon Jean Marie hits so hard… it. And for you Electro Heads out there, Jelo and Adam K came out with a fat track called ” The good, the Bad & the Funky…..a MUST add.

I’m also beginning to work on my first dubstep remix of the song “Reverser” by rising band Seaspin.  Looking forward to posting it for you.

Last but not least……if you’re in the mood for an off the hook house party this weekend in los angeles, I’m spinning @ a party called “There Goes the Neighborhood Volume 1”. Check it out on facebook…..

See you around


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