The 4th Kind…..

I saw it……then i rushed home to google dat shit. I’m wont say anything more just to keep your possibly open minds from being tainted.  However,it was definitely a thought provoking film.  It had me and my lady recalling different dream experiences we had in our pasts that seemed odd. You know the kind that keep you paralyzed in your bed even when you thought you had woken up.  It also had me think about all the things that I am striving for, djing worldwide, getting management, producing music blah blah……and the flick just made me realize how all that shit means nothing.  Well then it’s like……well what IS important…….. The truth is, I don’t know.  I feel that connection is important to me. Connecting with people through music, connecting in my relationship……but that’s just my little world. Is any of it really important in the grand scheme of everything?

It’s funny…..I thought that these kinds of conversations would end in my life when I stopped smoking weed and eating mushrooms; that they were just the over-philosophizing rants of an adolescent…….but I was wrong. I’m 32 years old, haven’t had a drink or a drug in over 10 years and I’m still sitting around contemplating shit that’s bigger than me…..

Music Music Music…….

The owner of the house is gonna kill me but if you’re Los Angeles tonight, come to this:

As far as shit I’m loving…..

Well I happened to go to the Kosher Management Site when I googled this dude that I got hooked up with and I have to say……Steed Lord!!!!!

“Bucket of Blood” Nate Day RMX……amazing

Check out:

are some great Steed Lord Remixes there.

Enjoy the day!!!


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