Sorry for skippin’ out

Didn’t have a chance to write any shit yesterday……. For all you dj’s, there’s a 99 cent sale @ and  I got a whole bunch of new shiz there. Which is good cuz I have to make a new mix in order to “audition” for a residency in Vegas.  I’m excited about the opportunity…..

The house party I played on Saturday was off the hook.  There were around 500 heads there dancing there asses off for hours.  It was one of those end of the night moments where everyone applauds…….I was stoked> I’m posting video of the experience on youtube. You should check it out cuz there’s footage of these two dudes being literally lit on fire @ the party…..yeah, we do it like that……

There will be some new mixes on my podcast shortly……There’ll be a new progressive house mix that I’m making for a british online radio show, the “vegas” mix, and a straight crunk hip hop mix that I’m making for a lil’ tour round Kenya……yeah that’s right……i’m gonna spread the vibe to Africa.

That’s all on the agenda for now. Gonna chill for the holidays until december when stuffs gonna start rollin’ for me again. I hope you all have safe and happy holiday’s this year.  It’s always good to take a moment and look at the things I’m grateful for.  I’m grateful for my son, my family, my lady, my career, and for you….the people that help me want to continue on this path…..




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