playing tonight @Palihouse Hotel on Holloway.  It’ll me a mix of down temp, soul, old school hip hop and some indie electro stuff.  I’m excited for the new Years Party @Coco Deville. I’m meeting up with my friend Hayden Scott who drums for Adam Freeland to do some work in Abelton Live. I’m hoping to have some original tracks for you to download in the near future.  I’m grateful that I have all of these opportunities but the truth is it sucks to have so much shit up in the air.  I get to spend the holidays with my son which I am super happy about. I’m so blessed to be a father of such a special boy. He was in Florida for Thanksgiving with his mom and he sent me a picture of him holding a baby alligator that he caught.  The tracks that I am recommending today are as follows:

The Young Punx – Like Dat feat Count Bass D…..This track has a glitchy feel with a hip hop vibe to it.

Punk Rolla – Betting Better…..This track is a remix of the Beatles “Getting Better All the Time” with surprise touch

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi Redlight Remix – Awesome electrotrashy feel to this pop dancefloor mover


The link to these tracks is:   http://phase02.org/2009/12/1000-comments/




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