So i have an absolutely FAVORITE new track……U must check it out if u get a chance…..and when u do, play it loud as fuck……it’s HUGE….

Death (Chase & Status Remix) by the White Lies

This song opens with an 80’s ballad stadium feel. It builds slow with a surprising halftime beat…..then it builds and builds into the sickest Deadmau5 organ dubstep baseline ever.  I wouldn’t even limit this track by calling it dubstep…..it is purely MASSIVE…… I found it on the Hype Machine not too long ago……

On another note…..I’ve been busy bring music to this 2009 holiday season…. I just started a new residency on Thursday nights @ the Green Door as well as another night @ Palihouse making my residency there a Monday and Wednesday Night thing.

I just got back from Kentucky where I was asked to talk about my experience  recovering from drug addiction……It was good to give back and be able to help others by sharing the pitfalls of my past.

New mixes are coming to my podcast soon. I’m inspired to make a dubstep mix which will be my debut attempt at conquering this genre….I’m excited to hear what that shit is gonna sound like.  In addition, I’m long overdue for a new electrotrash mix and playing @ Palihouse tonight I was inspired to make a chill old skool hip hop mix.  I hope u guys enjoy it!!!!!!!

No go find that track and DOWNLOAD it!!!!!!!!


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