You Suck…..Just Sayin

I got hired to do a mix last week of the cheesiest songs ever…. It nearly killed me. I made two mixes in the last two days for myself just to feel clean again.  I’ve had a real “fuck you” kinda week so the dubstep mix i made felt really good to get out.  I’m not much to rant or complain about shit because its a big waste of time. No use complaining about shit outside of me if i ain’t changing.  I’m excited to get back in the studio and finish up that “Beauty” track. Feels like I been sitting on it for too long.  Next for me will be a little dubstep throwback remix. I’m playing a lil Oscar party Wednesday night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, poolside. Should be sweet. Thank you God for blessing me with opportunities…..I just do the showing up part…. Saw Mr.

Ricky Ross last Thursday at Skull Candy In Downtown LA with my new drink sponsorship Neuro.  Love that Big Boy. Almost enough to follow him on twitter….another thing I’m slow at….. So much bullshit, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Soundcloud, Podomatic, etc……… Remember when we just played good music!!!!!!!! Anyway, Goodnight, GoodLuck, GoHome….

You Suck…..Just Sayin.


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