Oh Yeah…..I actually gotta write somethin’

It’s been forever…..Lots of change in my business and personal life….

I got to spend some time with my boy this summer which was rad. He’s seriously the coolest kid I’ve ever met and I’m so proud of everything about him. Each moment with him was pure joy and saying good bye and sending him back to his mom was truly heartbreaking….yet motivating. I love my art, and so much of my drive for success in it is inspired by wanting to spend more time with my boy and having the means to do so…. So there’s a lil introspection on the personal life of me.

On a business standpoint, opportunities are coming at me from all directions. I finished up that 311 remix with my boy bias24. It came out sick. Nick was super stoked about it and we got invited to go to their show this Sunday, August 21st, in Santa Barbara. I’m also working on remixes for Kaya Jones and Halo as well… thinking about a high energy club banger for Kaya’s hit single “boyfriend” and a moody dubstep vibe for Halos’ “Hekla”. Last night I got a call from Josh Villalta, the drummer from 36 mafia, saying Dj Paul from 36 wants to meet up to discuss workin’ on a track. So there I was sittin’ in my office on sunset blvd and doheny, across from Paul, thinkin’ “is this really my life today”. Its UNREAL. I never fathomed doing the things I’m doing. And I owe it all to getting out of my own way and tapping into something other than my own, limited, human power; to saying yes to opportunity no matter what I think or feel about it; to putting my best foot forward; and to being open in life to anything. My life is never a bore…

And….I’m moving into a house with a bunch of other musicians, producers, writers, and tattoo artists. They bought out all the properties around their house so we can make noise all day and night. Jacuzzi in the front yard, Putt Putt golf course round the property, tattoos on the second floor and more… Kinda dreamy right?

So its all happening. And I am grateful. As soon as I can post these remixes I will…..Hope you’re day is beautiful….Until next time…..


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