I’m up….are you?


There’s a mix to be heard….check it.

It’s early Tuesday morning and here I am writing some stuff….. I honestly don’t know what to do with these blog things. The truth of my life as a dj is not always what people out in the world expect. Sure there are moments that appear to be glamourous to an outsider looking in. It’s kinda like those “A-list” celebrity parties in those houses in the hills that all these people think they wish could attend.  The allure is merely the exclusivity factor.  The parties themselves are just parties….the “A-listers” are just people, the music is just music, and the house, although pristine and sometimes a piece of art, is simply property. None of it defines anything or anyone really; not in my eyes at least.  Now if the exclusivity is what draws people to these events, maybe I should be remaining more elusive. I do that already in my life.  I share different fractions of myself with many different people.  I’m not sure any one person gets the whole picture and that is fine with me.  But then what do I blog about? What do I share with you? My truth is this: there are two relationships that mean more to me than any other relationships in my life. One is my relationship with ever flowing energy of the universe, the other being with my son.  I love what I do. I love music. I am completely passionate about mixing and creating and putting smiles on people’s faces through sharing it. Yet I know in my core that doesn’t define me.  I’m merely here on this earth to bring harmony to all that is around me.  I’m human, and because of this I falter at times.  Mostly it’s in relation to women, but thats just my story.  My goal with all of this music business stuff is to be with my son again. Thats really it.  I love music enough to do it for free, but i’m doing all I can to “make it” just to have him back living with me again.  That’s the real.  That’s the most important thing for me. Him and I are like the same person and our bond is unbreakable.  I miss him dearly.  So this hasn’t been my usual stoic “I’m doing this and that” blog. It’s just where I’m at and what I’m feeling right now. Hope you have a beautiful week


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