busy is a good thing…..

It’s been so long since I tended to this blog I don’t even know where to start….. I’m sitting with a blank mind. Just finished a couple of mixes I put up on djmichaelis.podomatic.com . One of them has pics streaming with it from shows i’ve been doing so if you need the visual stimulation along with the audio…i got you. I moved out of west hollywood into Hollywood proper or east hollywood or whatever you want to call it. If you’re from the midwest and you’ve never been here, I can see the hollywood sign from my house…..very exciting.  I also get the crack heads digging through the dumpsters at night, the churches being set fire on the corner of my street, and the overdramatic self pity dudes driving down hollywood blvd with a gun to their head with a caravan of cop cars following…. Never a dull moment. I’ve been doing a LOT of SupperClub lately which is awesome because it’s, in my book, the best venue in LA. I’ve been playing with Reflex, Carlo Astuti, Brass Knuckles, Dirty Vegas, Danny B, Marques Wyatt….and more.  I’ve also been djing a lot of the dinners at SupperClub which if you haven’t checked out, you’re missing out. The food is amazing, there’s always some crazy theme, the service is super friendly, you eat in a bed, the music is good, and there’s all kinds of performances that happen while you eat. A lil’ dark, a lil’ sexy, and a lil’ twisted…..kinda great. I also started in on a place called Confidential in Beverly Hills. I played there a couple of weeks ago and there was a surprise performance by the Sexy Sax Man. Kind of Epic. By 1:30am i was throwing down some disgusting dubstep filth. I’ll be back there for round 2 in March. Fridays have been steady for me at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel which is always my most eclectic set. I never know if i’m gonna walk into old people, young people, prostitutes, middle class, rich, trannies, or all of the above.  Playing to the “crowd” is always a challenge that I’m into. As far as production….UNAFKTD has finally decided to lay low on the remix shit and just pump out originals.  I’ve been working on stuff diligently with Tobias my partner which is cool.  FTP sites have been saving me the drive to San Pedro to the studio which is kinda nice….maybe? I’ve spent the last 5 days in bed when I wasn’t playing out do to a nasty cold thats going around. I’m on the mend though and back to work. Hope all is well in your world. Enjoy the music…




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