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May 22, 2012


Feel free to click on links to RSVP for events:

Thursday May 24th: SPRING FLING 8pm The Roosevelt Hotel

Friday May 25th: SIDEBAR Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel) 9:30pm:

Saturday May 26th: supperclub los angeles with DJ SPRYTE 10:30pm:

Saturday May 26th afterhours 1am-close:

Sunday May 27th Memorial Day Mansion Pool Party 1pm-?:



It’s Friday

August 7, 2010

And……I GET to relax for a moment before the madness that I love so much washes over this weekend. This is one of those rare moments for me when I get to sit on the couch and wait for my love to come home. I’ve been downloading some new tunes for this weekend’s fun.  Tomorrow night I headline this Fundraiser for the Sober Community @ Fais Do-Do and I was thinking about opening it up with some skull crushing, bass pulsing dubstep…..but maybe I should work my way into that. I’ll feel it out as I usually do.  I’m looking forward to heading up north to the Outside Lands Festival with my love! My artist picks for that weekend are:

It should be amazing! As far as life for me….. Things are moving along…..The drive to succeed has never been so great within me and I feel so much love and support from the people around me. I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful for you. Never have I felt so blessed as I do now and they just keep coming!  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Be safe and loving…..

Here’s a lil something for your eardrum:

Oh and this is how I did San Antonio Texas…….

August 2, 2010

Killin’ it everywhere……


December 17, 2009

So i have an absolutely FAVORITE new track……U must check it out if u get a chance…..and when u do, play it loud as fuck……it’s HUGE….

Death (Chase & Status Remix) by the White Lies

This song opens with an 80’s ballad stadium feel. It builds slow with a surprising halftime beat…..then it builds and builds into the sickest Deadmau5 organ dubstep baseline ever.  I wouldn’t even limit this track by calling it dubstep… is purely MASSIVE…… I found it on the Hype Machine not too long ago……

On another note…..I’ve been busy bring music to this 2009 holiday season…. I just started a new residency on Thursday nights @ the Green Door as well as another night @ Palihouse making my residency there a Monday and Wednesday Night thing.

I just got back from Kentucky where I was asked to talk about my experience  recovering from drug addiction……It was good to give back and be able to help others by sharing the pitfalls of my past.

New mixes are coming to my podcast soon. I’m inspired to make a dubstep mix which will be my debut attempt at conquering this genre….I’m excited to hear what that shit is gonna sound like.  In addition, I’m long overdue for a new electrotrash mix and playing @ Palihouse tonight I was inspired to make a chill old skool hip hop mix.  I hope u guys enjoy it!!!!!!!

No go find that track and DOWNLOAD it!!!!!!!!

Coming shortly

December 8, 2009

A new electrotrash mix is underway…….

I’ve been inspired by such artists as:

The Toxic Avenger – Toxic is Dead (Cyberpunkers Remix)

Something a la Mode – 5am(Valerna Remix)

Voltronixx – Spilled Time

FutureFlashs – Get Down The Funk

These tracks all have that rock influenced (in my opinion) edgy electro vibe thats movin’ me these days. I had an opportunity to play with Valerna @Avalon on night and was paid a high compliment by them that stuck.  I’m a dj that stands by his Korg Kaoss Pad. It enables me to get a sound and build peaks that i don’t hear in a lot of dj’s out there who are still working with the Pioneer Mixer effects. I like the touch pad control of the effect and diversity……Anyways, back to the story. So the Valerna guys show up as I’m about to go on and they’re asking me if they can do some pre setup stuff and they were concerned about being able to hook up THEIR Kaoss Pad…..Awwww…..we had some shit in common. But I had mine set up already so it was an easy change out.  So I finish my set, and then they go on.  One dude was mixing the music, and one dude was dedicated strictly to the Kaoss Pad. I hadn’t seen that before and found it interesting……So they get done, and they rocked it. I told them how much I liked their sound and the told me that they have been booked with a lot of people that sucked but that they really respected my talent and that they have never seen someone work a Kaoss Pad and dj @ the same time so effectively and seamlessly……THAT felt good.  So here I am promoting their shit cuz it’s good.  I’m looking forward to making this new mix, it’s been since Halloween since I’ve laid down a dirty electro set.  I’ll be posting it on my podcast @  I was in the studio the other day with Jennifer Goodridge from Seaspin and Hayden Scott from Freeland learning more about Abelton. I’m super stoked to start posting some originals on this blog for you to download!

I hope you are well. I hope that you’re not stressing out too much during the holiday time with this economy…..this too shall pass.